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Joint Pain Causes

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joint pain

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Bone Pain Causes

Joint & Bone Pain :: Causes & Symptoms due to Nutrient Deficiency

Apart from many other possible causes, joint and bone pain may be due to deficiency of one, or a combination of nutrients.  Knowing what vitamin deficiencies can lead to joint or bone pain, and what foods supply these necessary dietary elements, may help in alleviating these conditions.

For that reason as well, many people take a quality bone and joint health supplement as a preventive measure, or to address nutrition-related bone and joint pain causes.

What nutrient deficiencies can lead to joint pain :
Vitamin C   |   More on Vitamin C
One of the joint pain causes is deficiency of vitamin C, which leads to swollen or painful joints or bones, such as shoulder joint pain or pelvic bone pain.

Other symptoms that may indicate deficiency of Vitamin C :
VC.01 Deficiency symptoms for Vitamin-C-bone-joint-swelling easy bruising and small spots of bleeding under the skin (which appear as pink spots on the skin)
VC.03 Deficiency symptoms for Vitamin-C-bone-joint-swelling slow-healing wounds and fractures
VC.04 Deficiency symptoms for Vitamin-C-bone-joint-swelling nosebleeds
VC.05 Deficiency symptoms for Vitamin-C-bone-joint-swelling spongy, swollen, bleeding gums and loose teeth
VC.06 Deficiency symptoms for Vitamin-C-bone-joint-swelling teeth decay easily
VC.07 Deficiency symptoms for Vitamin-C-bone-joint-swelling dry brittle hair
VC.08 Deficiency symptoms for Vitamin-C-bone-joint-swelling dry rough scaly skin
VC.09 Deficiency symptoms for Vitamin-C-bone-joint-swelling anemia
VC.10 Deficiency symptoms for Vitamin-C-bone-joint-swelling fatigue or lethargy or muscle weakness
VC.11 Deficiency symptoms for Vitamin-C-bone-joint-swelling loss of appetite
VC.12 Deficiency symptoms for Vitamin-C-bone-joint-swelling recurrent colds and infections
VC.13 Deficiency symptoms for Vitamin-C-bone-joint-swelling atherosclerosis
VC.14 Deficiency symptoms for Vitamin-C-bone-joint-swelling possible weight gain due to slower metabolism

Mineral / vitamin for joint pain prevention :
Foods high in vitamin C include · guava · lychees / litchis · papayas · strawberries · vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, kale, mustard greens, bell peppers, turnip greens, spinach.

Calcium   |   More on Calcium
Another of the joint pain causes is deficiency of calcium, which contributes to rheumatoid arthritis; causes tissue damage and chronic inflammation of joints, leading to joint swelling and pain, such as chronic finger joint pain or pelvic bone pain.

Other symptoms that may indicate deficiency of Calcium :
Ca.01 Deficiency symptoms for Calcium-bone-joint-swelling osteoporosis characterized by brittle, porous bones and frequent bone fractures
Ca.02 Deficiency symptoms for Calcium-bone-joint-swelling impaired bone mineralization which, in children, can cause rickets (bone softening) which may lead to bone deformities, fractures, or stunted growth
Ca.03 Deficiency symptoms for Calcium-bone-joint-swelling osteomalacia (bone softening) in adults
Ca.04 Deficiency symptoms for Calcium-bone-joint-swelling loss of bone mineralization in the jaw
Ca.05 Deficiency symptoms for Calcium-bone-joint-swelling tooth decay or periodontal disease
Ca.06 Deficiency symptoms for Calcium-bone-joint-swelling higher levels of lead in bones and teeth
Ca.07 Deficiency symptoms for Calcium-bone-joint-swelling brittle or misshapened nails
Ca.09 Deficiency symptoms for Calcium-bone-joint-swelling heart palpitations or abnormal heart rhythms
Ca.10 Deficiency symptoms for Calcium-bone-joint-swelling risk of hypertension (high blood pressure)
Ca.11 Deficiency symptoms for Calcium-bone-joint-swelling higher cholesterol levels
Ca.12 Deficiency symptoms for Calcium-bone-joint-swelling insomnia
Ca.13 Deficiency symptoms for Calcium-bone-joint-swelling lethargy or chronic fatigue
Ca.14 Deficiency symptoms for Calcium-bone-joint-swelling poor appetite
Ca.15 Deficiency symptoms for Calcium-bone-joint-swelling severe deficiency can cause spasmodic contractions of skeletal muscles, symptomized by tingling fingers, toes or lips, numbness in arms or legs, and muscle pain or severe muscular cramps or spasms

Mineral / vitamin for joint pain prevention :
Calcium-rich foods include · fresh dark green vegetables like collard greens, dandelion greens, mustard greens, spinach, turnip greens, wing beans · dairy foods such as buttermilk, mozzarella cheese, raw (non-pasteurized) milk, whey, yoghurt · goat's milk · soft bones of wild salmon, sardines, tuna, and anchovies are good sources of calcium that is easily absorbed by the body.

Copper   |   More on Copper
Joint pain causes include deficiency of copper; among the earliest symptoms are osteoporosis, osteopenia (lower bone mineral density than normal, but not as low as for osteoporosis) and joint pain or swelling (eg. finger joint pain, shoulder joint pain, collar bone pain, pelvic bone pain, etc).

Other symptoms that may indicate deficiency of Copper :
Cu.02 Deficiency symptoms for Copper-bone-joint-swelling retarded growth or abnormalities in bone development in infants and young children
Cu.03 Deficiency symptoms for Copper-bone-joint-swelling anemia that is characterized by lack of improvement with iron therapy alone
Cu.04 Deficiency symptoms for Copper-bone-joint-swelling loss of skin or hair color
Cu.05 Deficiency symptoms for Copper-bone-joint-swelling impaired immune function that may lead to frequent infections
Cu.06 Deficiency symptoms for Copper-bone-joint-swelling impaired nerve function that may lead to taste insensitivity and lack of physical coordination
Cu.07 Deficiency symptoms for Copper-bone-joint-swelling inelastic blood vessels that rupture easily
Cu.08 Deficiency symptoms for Copper-bone-joint-swelling elevated LDL (bad) cholesterol and lower HDL (good) cholesterol levels
Cu.09 Deficiency symptoms for Copper-bone-joint-swelling irregular heart beat
Cu.10 Deficiency symptoms for Copper-bone-joint-swelling breathing difficulties
Cu.11 Deficiency symptoms for Copper-bone-joint-swelling skin sores
Cu.12 Deficiency symptoms for Copper-bone-joint-swelling hypothyroidism
Cu.13 Deficiency symptoms for Copper-bone-joint-swelling Menkes disease that occurs mostly in male infants, characterized by sparse greyish or colorless twisted hair, and floppy muscle tone

Mineral / vitamin for joint pain prevention :
Foods high in copper include · cashew nuts · dried beans like soybeans, adzuki beans, garbanzo beans (chickpeas), lentils, lima, navy beans · dried spirulina · crimini mushrooms · shiitake mushrooms · sesame seeds.

Caution:The above is provided for information only. Any diagnosis should be confirmed by a healthcare professional.  Do not self-diagnose.

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